Elastic components in bangalore


Elastic components for any requirement. EON elastics offer long-term quality and high functionality while incorporating trendy details. Elastic components as OEM make for improved comfort. Footwear adapts to the feet wearing them by offering a snug fit. All elastic products are produced using environmentally friendly raw materials.

The following characteristics make our Elastic distinct :

  • Large range of products for a wide variety of applications
  • Long-life without any quality issues
  • High-quality, environmentally-friendly raw materials used
  • Trendy shoelace patterns
  • Impeccable finish with a unique style
  • Assuring of hassle-free tying
  • Design and pattern that suits different footwear
  • Not only fit into crisscross style but also allow to tie the lace in a traditional fashion
  • Custom-design in different fabrics and materials
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Safe & tight tying of lace
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