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EON Tex is a family-owned and operated but professionally managed company that dates back to the year 1994, when it was started in a small warehouse in Hong Kong. Today we have expanded to over 6 countries across the Globe for sourcing, selling, and manufacturing. We have over 180 employees around the world that make up our extended family and we are growing every day.

While we have been one of the world’s trusted suppliers of quality construction components for over 25 years, our core values have not changed – we offer our customers innovative products, global service, competitive value, and consistent quality. Our area of expertise includes Shoe Industry, Geo Textile for Roads & Highways, Apparel Components, Surgical Consumables, etc.

A vision without action is called day dream; but then again, action without vision is called a nightmare.

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Without strong pillars we can’t make a strong bridge; to make a strong bridge first we must make the strong pillars Agility, Innovation, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction are the pillars or core values on which EON TEX working culture is built. These are the pillars that help us to achieve our dream, which help us to ensure that our actions result in realization of our vision.


Agility states the distinctive quality of EONTEX that allows us to respond rapidly to modifications as per the business environment without losing our vision.


Agility with Adaptability and Flexibility is our strength.


It is said that Imagination is more important than knowledge as knowledge is limited but imagination is infinite and leads to innovation. Apart from the product, innovation can also be applied to manufacturing processes, tools, thought processes, and working culture. All of these areas can be impacted by innovation. At EONTEX we are committed not only to innovate our products but also the areas outside of the product to be ready for change and keep our organization invigorated.


Quality is the product's ability to fulfill the expectations and needs set by the end-user; freedom from deficiencies and conformance to standards. No matter what EONTEX makes, for us the quality of the end product is always paramount. At EONTEX we have taken utmost care to manufacture a quality product and chosen state-of-the-art technology for this. Technology somewhere depends on the team/people working with it; so we have selected a team of specialized professionals in various departments to ensure the quality end product.

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